Player Registration 2021/2022 


Please complete the form below to register a player for Woodkirk Valley FC for the Playing Season 2021/2022. 

Playing Membership is for the period 1st August 2021 until 31st July 2021 (12 Months). 

Membership/Subscription Fees to be confirmed very soon..

This information used in the membership form will be used to;

Upload the registration details onto the FA whole game system, to allow players registration to the league.

Add player details to to club database to allow club updates via email and text messaging.

Add the registration details to our player subscriptions accounting software, for keeping track of player membership/subscription fees.

Provide information for player liability insurance.

Child Protection

Child Protection In accordance with our child protection policy we will not permit photographs, video or other images of young people to be taken without the consent of the child or the parent if the child is under 16.

Woodkirk Valley Football Club will take all reasonable steps to ensure these images are used solely for the purposes they are intended. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform Woodkirk Valley Football Club immediately.

Please complete the membership form


*This section is for parent details
This is required for linking player to parent on the whole game system for safeguarding and child welfare. *Not Required for Senior Players - just use your own date of birth.


Please enter all PLAYER details..
Please include any known medical conditions, or allergies.
A player photo is required to register player on the FA whole game system, If you are unable to upload here please speak with you team manager.
I understand that all playing equipment and team jackets, unless purchased from the club are all property of the football club. Any Kit and Jackets are to be returned to the club after every playing season, or if the player leaves the club. kit not retuned 30 days after leaving the club will be Invoiced to the last known address, The Invoice will be the cost to replace. *By agreeing it becomes legally binding.
*We need a parent email address for JUNIOR players *We need a SENIOR players email address for all SENIOR players (not parent) This is for the players to be linked to the League registration system.